Development of Mechatronics


The development of Mechatronics can be divided into three stages. The first stage is before the 1960s, which is called the primary stage. In this period, people consciously or unconsciously use the preliminary results of electronic technology to improve the performance of mechanical products. Especially during the Second World War, the war stimulated the combination of mechanical products and electronic technology. These electromechanical military technologies were converted to civilian use after the war, which played a positive role in the economic recovery after the war. At that time, research and development were still spontaneous in general. At that time, the development of electronic technology had not reached a certain level, the combination of mechanical technology and electronic technology could not be widely and deeply developed, and the developed products could not be widely promoted.

The second stage is from 1970s to 1980s, which can be called vigorous development stage. During this period, the development of computer technology, control technology and communication technology laid a technical foundation for the development of mechatronics. The rapid development of large-scale and ultra large-scale integrated circuits and microcomputers has provided sufficient material basis for the development of mechatronics. The characteristics of this period are: (1) the word Mechatronics was first widely accepted in Japan, and it was widely recognized in the world by the end of 1980s; (2) mechatronics technology and products have been greatly developed; (3) all countries began to give great attention and support to mechatronics technology and products.